When I first heard about some guy stealing provisions and then delivering it to all of New York City, I thought he might be some kind of modern day Robin Hood. Naively I thought he was stealing bread to help people in need.


As it turns out 29-year-old David Bastar is no Robin Hood; we are not exactly sure what he is. At 3AM Monday morning, Bastar carjacked a Grimaldi's Home of Bread delivery truck while the truck driver was making a delivery at a nearby pizza shop. Instead of stealing the truck for himself, or even stealing the bread for himself (which would still be weird; who needs that many carbs?), he proceeded to deliver the bread to random locations throughout NYC. Bastar dropped off $8000 worth of loaves and rolls at several bars and restaurants of his choosing, regardless of whether or not the establishments had ordered any bread at all.

Bastar was arrested later that afternoon, wearing only his underwear, when a limo driver called the cops claiming that Bastar was following him. He was arrested for driving without a license and possession of stolen goods.


There is no word yet on why he was without pants or why he stole a truckload of bread and arbitrarily delivered it all over NYC.

The only thing bakery owner Joe Grimaldi can say is that the whole thing is super bizarre.

It's a bizarre incident but nothing happened to the truck. No one was hurt. There was no damage. I got my truck back.

He was delivering bread at random places...It was very bizarre...They were finding bread in front of their doors.

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