As the life of an American, middle-to-upper class, 10-year-old kid becomes too stressful, what with elementary school, recreational sports and a three-month summer vacation, parents are being forced to take their kids on a sabbatical leave from school.


When Amy Carney, of Paradise Valley, Arizona, heard her 12-year-old son ask if their family’s upcoming sabbatical would affect his chances of getting into the National Honor Society in high school, she knew it was time to go.

"I just said, 'Stop the madness.' There's so much emphasis on grades and sports."


Carney took her 12-year-old triplet sons and 11-year-old daughter on a seven-month camping trip to get away from any and all responsibilities, such as sports tournaments and homework.

An elementary school classroom is no place for a child to be in. It is too demanding, and even debilitating, for a child to be in school all day and then have to play soccer afterwards. And with the addition of common core, think of the children!



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