On Sunday night, fifteen-month-old Musa Dayib fell from an 11th floor balcony at the Cedar-Riverside apartments in Minneapolis. Musa, 'The Miracle Baby,' is suffering from broken arms, bruised lungs, several fractures and a concussion, but he is alive.

Tina Slusher, a physician at the Hennepin County Medical Center, has no doubt that Musa's survival is a miracle.


It's definitely a miracle. It's God's gift to his family. Kids don't fall this far and make it often. Especially without a serious brain injury. You or I would've been dead.


The reason for his survival?

Little (kids) are more flexible and don't break as easily as we do and he also fell in a very small patch of mulch.


The little boy fell when his father stepped out of the room for a moment and his sister opened the sliding glass door.


Cedar-Riverside residents are now demanding better apartment safety precautions for children. George Sherman, president of the community's management company, says the company is looking at locks that the fire department approves, but in the meantime is offering free cardboard blocks that will prevent children from sliding the door open.

[H/T AP]

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